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We know water is important to our physical health.
Your body is made of 70% water.
But few know the brain has an even higher dependency on water than the rest of the body.

Our FOCUS, MOOD, CREATIVITY, and CLARITY OF THE MIND are all dependent on our hydration levels.

Thankfully, staying topped up is easy. Women and men need 2.2 Litres (xOZ) and 3 Litres(x OZ) respectively.

About BottBeta

BOTT is a system that takes the guesswork out of the process, a system that revolves around the BETA Bottle. Packed with patented technology, the bottle's main goal is tracking EXACTLY how much water you drink. Its sensors can track your water consumption down to the milliliter, but its precision is almost worthless if we don't know where the water is going.


BOTT is committed to keeping you not only hydrated, but healthy. It is made of glass rather than plastic to protect you from harmful chemicals like BPA found in many plastic bottles.

The Sensor

Is the water actually being drunk? Or is it being poured out and rinsed? Our patented detection circuit can tell the difference, ensuring that your hydration data is always accurate.



Our patented sensing circuit not only knows how MUCH you drink, but if you are actually drinking it. So you have accurate data even if you are rising the bottle, or disposing of yesterdays water.


Keeping clean is easy, with BOTT's removeable bottom. Making it easy to wipe clean in the office, or throw in the dishwasher at home.


BOTT Beta's high strength glass bottle keeps you safe from harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles, while keeping you looking cool.


The patented sensing technology is accurate down to 3 ml. Making sure your hydration is always correct and up to date.

But what do I do with
all this data?

The BOTT app is simple. At a glance, it can give you an overview of your consumption over a month, week, or for the day. The app makes it easy to tune your BOTT to suit your individual needs, whether it's for heavy exercise, altitude, travel, or if you simply want to drink more water.

Mobile Connected

About the app

While going about our busy day, often the hardest thing to remember is to drink more water. The app can be set up to send you simple reminders during the day to keep your body at the optimum level of hydration. BOTT can also be found on your favorite smartwatch, so you can easily check your progress throughout the day.

The BOTT program has been carefully developed over the last 6 months by an international group of Engineers and Designers with years of experience in product development, design, and mass production. In short, they know what they are doing. The product has been fully developed, and is now ready to be brought to market.

6 month progression and time to market drawing

BOTT is offering the online community the chance to be the first to get their hands on the most considered and easy to use hydration solution